Pet owners know how costly veterinary care can be, even routine procedures and visits are expensive. If your pet becomes ill suddenly, or is injured in an accident the resulting bills can make a big dent in your Pet insurance savings. Although the US lags behind most of Europe in terms of how many domestic pets are covered by pet health insurance, it is beginning to catch up. More and more pet owners are realizing just how important good pet insurance can dog insurance be! Think about it for a minute – if Fido were to be seriously injured or fall ill tomorrow, would you be able to afford a veterinary bill for $1500, $2000 or $3000 plus? If not, you could find yourself faced with a heartbreaking, life-or-death decision. No pet lover ever want to find themselves in that situation. If you have pet health insurance you (and your pet) can be spared the agony and heartbreak of being unable to afford critically important veterinary care in a time of crisis. Just as your own medical cover/health plan is there for you when you fall ill, Fido’s health insurance will be there for him. There are many different pet health […] read more