Everybody wants to know what makes their business successful. But most of us don’t know where to start. That’s where the problem begins. Dental business analytics gives you valuable information to help improve your greenthoughtsconsulting.com business.


Customer behavior pattern analysis.
Timely alerts to reduce customer churns.
Services analysis based on patients case study and expenses data.
Future sales prediction.
Inventory management in real time.
Data Mapping & See flaws in the system.
Margin and profit analysis.
Tagscripts is the best business analytics company for dental clinics and dental hospitals in Pune we both cut costs and increase efficiency while providing you with customized software to the industries.

All this is achieved by putting together the right profession of team.

Founded in 2020 with a motto to create & execute digital transformation & strategies in various sectors under the parent company Maverick hat which is in service from past 4+ years have grown to 15+ employees and have served 30+ Clients and counting with multiple services in this short span.