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October 15, 2021

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Neha Agarwaal

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Biodegradable Packaging

In this highly industrialized age, very little attention is paid to the consequences of the current ways of production on the environment. In an attempt to deviate from traditional practices that are harmful for the environment, we aim to opt for Eco-friendly paper production and sustainable and biodegradable packaging alternatives. The idea of future generations being able to breathe cleaner by keeping trees where they are meant to be is what birthed the concept behind EcoKaagaz, a paper &  biodegradable packaging company in Ireland.  I began producing paper without depleting any natural resources. Instead, I incorporated the use of materials such as cotton fibers, carrots/ basil/ wildflower seeds. To make the sustainable, biodegradable & environment friendly paper aesthetically pleasing and unique, I made use of rose petals, clover leaves, golden threads, jute fibers and similar things. This not only gives the tree-free paper a distinct finish but also makes it captivating. Similarly, the use of flower petals adds a fragrance to an already alluring appearance of the paper. read more
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