Whenever you think about scrapping your old car, the first thing that comes to the mind is where to get it scrapped. Every junk yard or scrap auto dealer company are not very reliable or trustworthy. A few companies offer lesser cash for the scrapped car. As such it is always preferable to go to the rated agencies to get best value and deal for your scrapped old car. The few of these rated agencies are available on top search engines, like google, bing.com and yahoo SCRAP MY CAR.

There may be several reasons for scrapping your SELL MY SCRAP CAR. It may be not completely fit after damage occurred due to accident or you may be facing regular technical problems or troubles while driving the car. This could be the reason which may force you to scrap your car. Your old scrapped car might be occupying your precious space in your garage or lawn and at the same time might be causing environmental hazard. By disposing off your old scrapped car you can empty the block space occupied by your scrapped car and use the same for some other fruitful purposes, and at the same time earns cash from the scrap car companies. Even if your old car is in complete junk condition still the scrap car dealer pays you suitable amount of cash for the junk depending on the size of your and its metallic waste. You should understand that instead of throwing your old car to bins, you may go to the scraped car dealer for selling your old car and earn cash.

By selling your old car you can earn tax benefit on the book value of your old car, and for this it would be better for you consult with your tax advisers. There are different norms and practice depending on state to state where you can claim such tax benefits.

You can also donate your old scrapped car to NGO or other charitable organization who are engage in accepting as donation of old scrapped car.They arranges for free collection of old scrap at their own costs. The old scrapped car received as donation by them are either recycled or sold to the scrap or car junk yard. The cash realized are used for some charitable purpose. However you can still claim tax benefits on book value of your old car. Most of the time, the old scrap car received as donation is sold in salvage auction to recover its salvage value.